A review of "Nowhere Left to Go" in The New York Review by Bill McKibben:

One of three new books that "help us appreciate the magnitude of the challenge; you can’t understand the next decades of life on earth if you don’t take in their joint message."

"Von Brackel, a German journalist, ably chronicles the research at every latitude and on every continent."



The Scientific American did interview me on "Nowhere Left to Go":

Scientific American


The book was featured in Scuba Diving Magazine:



Read a preview on literary hub - on how the epic journey of the species was discovered:

Exzerpt Litarary Hub


Read a preview on The Revelator - on how to conserve biodiversity:

The Revelator


The best books that´ll help you understand the biodiversity crisis - by telling you a great story - on Shepard.




July 5th - “Nowhere Left to Go” has been published in North America!

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